Hey there beautiful joy seeker.

Welcome to the “I am Changing” podcast.

I’m your host Karen Humphries and I’m the Change Chick. My business is Blooming From Within and I’m a professional kinesiology practitioner, wellness coach, intuitive meditation facilitator.

My intention for this podcast is to explore how we react or respond to the challenges of life - the good, bad. We’re going to have conversations about the messiness of life. I’m going to share ways for you to embrace these experiences as gifts and proactively learn something from every experience.

The name of this podcast is the first step. I am changing is a positive statement for the present moment. It’s not aimed at the past or the future, it’s focus is right now. The present moment is where our power lies to make a choice and choose to change.

Each time you say the name of this podcast, you are re-affirming a vibrational energy for your life that change is possible. You are magnetising an attraction towards making positive changes in your life. You are telling the universe, spirit, your angels, your god, even your body, that in this moment you are capable changing.

Setting a gentle intention of “I am Changing” allows you to consciously create energy to reconnect within your heart space rather than continuing to dwell on all the stuff in your head. “I am changing” allows you to begin to shine your light brightly to the world, and embrace the power you were born with.

The first action of changing something in your life begins with a decision. Each episode aims to present a change topic!

I hope you enjoy each episode! Drop me a line with any questions or requests for topics!
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